Students participate in our 2021 summer camps at The Corinth Area Arts Council. (source: council archives)

Come join The Corinth Area Arts Council Education Department! At it’s new home at the Corinth Arts Education Center, the council hopes to offer comprehensive arts education for the region. All classes and workshops are available through our scholarship program, allowing students to attend through a need-based assistance system. Age ranges are suggested and exceptions are made based on the cognitive, social, and artistic development of the students. All instructors undergo extensive background checks and must attend our Safe Child Instructor Workshops utilizing the Safe Child Program underwritten by the Coalition for Children. All programming for students seeks to enhance and expand the standards for K-12 schools in Mississippi per the Mississippi Department of Education.

We offer three different types of educational experiences.

Classes: Classes generally meet once a week over a given time period and require students to do home-based work between each class meeting. These classes, generally geared towards teens and adults explore a wide-range of topics and may require some materials to participate.

Camps: Camps generally meet every day on a given week, Monday through Friday. Camps provide a space for students of all ages to grow and all work is usually done during the camp hours with the camp instructor. At the end of a camp period, Camper work is usually displayed in a performance or exhibition.

Workshops: Workshops generally meet one time on a given date, usually a Saturday. Workshops tend to cover a topic briefly and may be at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. All materials and refreshments are usually provided as part of the workshop fees. Students usually carry home a project of some kind at the end of the day, dependent upon the topic of the workshop!


S.M.ART vs L.I.F.E.

Students Making Arts are our educational program focused on developing artistic skills and producing artwork that increases the student’s capacity as an artist. Most S.M.ART classes are geared towards those in the K-12 educational bracket, although S.M.ART classes and camps are offered for those of all ages. Be Smart! Come experience Students Making Art!

Living, Immersing, Fulfilling, and Experiencing life through the arts is the goal of our L.I.F.E. series of educational programs. These programs focus on exploring life experiences and expanding the conscious horizon of those around us. While all L.I.F.E programs are art-based, we strive to grow L.I.F.E students as long-term productive members of the local community.

Available Opportunities